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– Sadguru

Pregnancy Yoga

In Ayurveda the pregnant woman is viewed as a precious and delicate creature who should be treated with honour and respect. It is important for her to be happy and healthy during this period of major change. Positive physical, energetic and emotional transformations will benefit both herself and her unborn child. Therefore, Yoga is ideal for pregnancy as its techniques of breath, movement, meditation and relaxation support these changes and help prepare for labour.

The key physical benefits of yoga are to enhance strength and fitness of the mother-to-be, keeping the body supple whilst toning the pelvic floor, hip and abdominal core muscles, in preparation for the birthing process. Balance, posture and stability improve to adjust to the gradual weight changes.

Pregnancy Yoga, Fertility Yoga

Yoga helps to boost energy and relieve stress and anxiety. It also promotes relaxation and restful sleep. Through breathing and visualisation techniques, the mother can nurture and nourishingly bond with her baby.

Preparations of the physical body and certain breathing techniques can also help relieve pain in labour and childbirth.

The benefits of Yoga do not end there. Common ailments during pregnancy can be relieved (e.g. swollen joints, heartburn, shortness of breath, constipation, nausea, headache, carpal tunnel syndrome).


Saturday Mornings 9.30 – 10.45 am.

Join us online via Zoom for a gentle flow class suitable for pregnancy. This nourishing class incorporates fluid movement, deep breathing, alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and relaxation. Please state your pregnancy on the registration form when booking. You should also send a short message to Shannel here.

Online classes give you the flexibility to practice within the comfort of your own home. Whether your new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, this class is for everyone. Shannel will be able to give you clear instructions, alignment cues and modifications.

Tickets :

  • Pay as you go : £10 a class
  • Can be booked using class pass: Block of 5 Online Yoga Classes £40 (£8 per class)

Private Sessions

Individual or Group Pregnancy sessions can be booked at a time that is convenient for you. Group sessions can include family, friends and corporate.


I trained in pregnancy yoga with Yoga Campus London, a Yoga Alliance UK accredited school. I was fortunate to have studied under the guidance of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Lisa White.

Uma, founder of Womb Yoga, leads retreats and courses worldwide, sharing the approach to Yoga Therapy set out in her CD’s, DVD’s and books; Mother’s Breath, Teach Yourself Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth and Feel Confident: Yoga For Living and Yoni Shakti.

Lisa, owner of Yoga Place E2, holds the Birthright Perinatal Diploma, is BWY certified, and completed her own Teacher Training with Yoga Campus.


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