Children’s Yoga

Our children live in a busy world of school pressures, homework, exams, after school activities, video games, internet, materialism and competition. At a young age they are already familiar with the word ‘stress’. It is common for adults to turn to yoga to manage their own stress and help them relax. Many wish they had only found yoga earlier. Yoga for children can sow the seeds of a life-long practice that will continue to deepen. 

Physically, children’s yoga enhances flexibility, strength, co-ordination and body awareness. Yoga poses stretch and strengthen muscles and through integrating breathing and movement, muscles become warm and flexible. 

Our world of digital technology makes unnatural postural demands on our little bodies. All that time hunched over tablets, laptops, phones etc. leaves young and old backs alike compressed, tight and sore. It is important our children’s spines develop upright and lengthened. Yoga encourages this process resetting the spine to its natural shape.

Kids Yoga, Free NHS Yoga

Balancing poses teach children focus which increases concentration and attention naturally. Balancing skills promote a stillness and quietening of the mind. Following a sequence of poses teaches us how to move with ease, control and co-ordination. 

The practice of yoga encourages self-esteem, compassion and body awareness. Children learn how to honor and respect their bodies from a young age. We learn to respect others as we begin to understand we are all the same- built of the same stuff. We are just in different forms. 

Experiencing meditation and relaxation in classes, children can learn to relax, be at peace and how to navigate themselves through life’s challenges with more ease. A deeper connection with their inner self and the natural world that surrounds them begins to develop. 

Importantly children have fun in yoga classes. From partner work to yoga games impersonating animals to feeling like a warrior, they connect with their inner child (as will all adults who give it a try). 

As a teacher i want to provide a loving, responsive, creative environment for children to discover their world and uncover their own truths. I believe yoga is a wonderful gift to help do just that. 

Yoga in schools – early development

In my classes, I try to incorporate educational themes as I am familiar with The Primary Curriculum and Statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation stage.

These themes can be taught alongside yoga postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation, all of which promote healthy ways of living whilst teaching children spelling, numeracy etc, therefore making the classes educational all round. 

There are so many ways aspects of the Early Years Framework can expressed in yoga classes. Communication and language, physical, personal, social and emotional development, understanding the world we live in, arts and design as well as mathematical and literacy skills. 

Classes are supposed to be fun and interactive. We form letters and words using our bodies, learn a vast variety of child friendly yoga poses and then combine them into our yoga games and stories. We become creative with our own ideas and learn ways of expressing them.

We sometimes partner up and learn how to respect and understand others. And we accept our own limitations and learn more about dealing with emotions.

Private Sessions

Individual or Group Childrens yoga sessions can be booked at a time that is convenient for you.


I have a Diploma in Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Yogakidz Worldwide, a Yoga Alliance UK Certified School.  Our motto is ‘creating happy, healthy, relaxed young bodies and minds…EVERYWHERE!’



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